Lu’an Singapore Creative Ecological and Industrial Park (Lu’an Singapore Eco-Park)

Lu’an Singapore Eco-Park

In August 2015, the Company recieved shareholder approval for the acquisition of the Lu'an Singapore Eco-Park. Lu'an Singapore Eco-Park is located with the Lu'an Industrial Transfer Demonstation Zone.

The Acquisition represents a major milestone for the Company and further establishes the Company as a significant property developer in the China region. The Acquisition also complements the Company’s existing portfolio of construction and development in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province China. The proximity of Lu’an to LionHub’s current project, the Xuancheng Singapore Techno Park presents synergies in shared resources in terms of project knowledge, operating efficiencies, reduced overheads and marketing expenses.

With the proximity of Hefei City and Schools, availability of Public Transport System and the construction of high speed rail between Hefei and Lu'an in 2017, the Lu’an Singapore Eco-Park will form part of Lu’an city’s vision to become a world class business and technology centre, and tenants of the Park are expected to benefit from the local government’s support with various tax and investment incentives. 

The Company’s strategy is to utilise the potential revenues from sale of the land and/or commercial, residential developments from within the Ecological and Industrial Park to unlock the major construction and development upside at the Lu’an Project area and add additional resources to the Project.

The Project  has an approved Master Plan. The Company will adopt the Plan to construct the Park in stages over a period of time. The initial phase will involve the development of residential cum commercial, as well as innovation incubators. Marketing of the industrial and logistics land will also be carried out concurrently. 

For more information, please visit the Eco-Park's website