Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park

LionHub's First Technology Park Project

After extensive due diligence and negotiations, LionHub acquired the rights to develop its first technology park, the Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park project, in Anhui province in June 2014. The acquisition followed the signing of a conditional agreement on 24 January 2014 to acquire Lian Huat (Xuancheng) Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company, for $8.5 million, and was formally completed with the
conclusion of this transaction in early June 2014.

The fact that the Xuancheng Economic Trade and Development Zone has been designated by the Chinese government as an official national industrial transfer zone was a major influencing factor in the choice of location for LionHub’s first major project.

The Technology Park will mark the introduction of Singapore and Australian know-how in its development. The Technology Park will also showcase design and architectural styles from around the world. In addition, advanced international levels of operation and management concepts, skills and experience will also be applied.

The project will be developed and marketed in phases. The development of campus style offices and concurrent marketing of industrial and logistics land will commence in Phase 1, while the incubators and industrial/logistics enterprises will be developed in later phases.

Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone

Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone (“Development Zone”) was approved to establish in 1996 by the provincial government as an economic and technological development zone of provincial significance, covering a total area of 80 square kilometres. The construction of the planned 17-square-kilometre core area has been basically completed.

To further strengthen the guiding and controlling role of planning, according to the requirement of “intensive layout, intensive use of land, industrial clustering, and full facilities,” the Development Zone has prepared “Master Plan of Development Zone,” and “Blueprint of Demonstration Area for Industrial Relocation.”

The development plan of the Demonstration Zone is wisely combined with the overall urban planning. In addition, it is also combined with the plan of the infrastructure including energy, transportation, water supply, electricity communications and other facilities that support the economic and social development.

The layout of the leading industries, infrastructure and productive and daily living service coordinate and promote the development of serviced land in a sustainable and timely manner for the guidance of public utilities, local authorities and the private sector. The program tracks land demand and supply as well as proposed development and infrastructure to promote a more effective use of land, better staging of development and prioritization of infrastructure investment to support urban growth. It also relates to strategic planning for future land supply. At present, the construction of West District which is an expanded part of the Development Zone is in full swing. The construction of the 13-square-kilometre starting-up area is accelerated.

In June 2013, the World Bank provided a US$150 million loan to the Development Zone board to promote relocation of businesses and workers to the Development Zone.

Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park

Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park, with an area of 2.2 km2, is located within Xuancheng Economic and Technology Zone.

The China Anhui Xuancheng Economic and Technology Development Board has provided a number of fiscal incentives to attract companies to the Development Zone. These fiscal incentives and the vibrant nature of the Development Zone, makes this an excellent choice of location for the proposed Technology Park.

 Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park

The Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park will hopefully provide an avenue for Australian, Singaporean and other international companies to showcase and develop their operations in China. The proposed Technology Park is located 285km west of Shanghai.

 Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park diagram

The Technology Park will be designed in line with the nation’s “Big Eighteen” making great efforts to promote the construction of ecological civilization, to build a beautiful China and spearhead the concept of sustainable development in the Chinese nation.


The development of the business district has been formed based on the combined effect of urban, social and economic fields incorporating science and technology.

 Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park Commercial


The combination of an English architectural style, based on that seen in Cambridge, with an outstanding international design team, together are planned to create liveable spaces to meet the needs of a commercial and residential park.

 Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park Residential

Business Incubators:

Research centres and incubators, in a modern style and with a simple and practical design, are intended to reflect the trend of new urbanism development and also represent the development trend of world civilisation since ancient times.

 Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park Business Incubators

Campus Style HQ:

This component of the proposed Technology Park comprises ancient and classical Chinese, Italian and French architecture spread over about 360,000m2 of land and separated by an artificial lake linking the canal in the commercial and residential sector.

 Xuancheng Singapore Technology Park Campus Style HQ

Industrial Logistics:

Industrial and logistics areas with modern style, and a simple and practical design are intended to reflect the trend of new urbanism development. Together with the incorporation of spatial layout features – the perfect combination.

  Xuancheng Singapore Technology Parl Industrial Logistics

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